Guest talk: Linda Hirsch "Designing Contextualized Interfaces to Foster Sense-Making"

Linda Hirsch from LMU Munich will give a guest talk at the Department of Computer Science.
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Designing Contextualized Interfaces to Foster Sense-Making

Linda Hirsch
LMU Munich

Abstract: Contextualized interfaces foster sense- and meaning-making in user experience. Yet, the design of such interfaces is challenging and highly context-dependent. In my talk, I will present different design approaches, from unobtrusive interface design to research in and through design, along a range of technologies and contexts. These include moral dilemmas contextualised with augmented reality that make user’s eyewitnesses of historical events, unobstrusive interfaces hidden to passerbys, and tangible interfaces that show traces of use. From this, I motivate how technology can enrich socio-cultural awareness and connectedness in public physical, augmented and virtual spaces.

Bio: Linda Hirsch is an expert for interaction technologies that increase social and cultural awareness and connectedness. She is a 4th year Ph.D. student at the LMU Munich, Germany. In her research, she designs and develops interaction technologies in physical, augmented and virtual environments that implicitly bring people closer to each other and their surroundings (see also 

This guest talk is hosted by Assistant Professor Robin Welsch, Department of Computer Science.

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