Good Life Engine: Coaching as a leadership skill

What is coaching and why is coaching a crucial leadership skill? How can we use coaching methods to create a more meaningful journey for us?
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Join this open Good Life Engine session to learn more about coaching as a leadership skill and as a tool to create your journey! 

During the session we will discuss:

  • What is coaching – the difference between coaching, mentoring, and therapy
  • What are the key elements of coaching
  • The impact of asking powerful questions
  • Coaching as a crucial leadership skill

The session is run by Domenico Dargenio, Aalto University Executive Education Senior Advisor in Change Management, Digital and Culture Transformation, and Operational Excellence. Domenico is a professional in creating high-performance teams, coaching, and leadership development. He is Founder, Consultant and Coach at Dardo Consulting. His most recent positions include CEO at Melkki, Chief Transformation Officer, Digital Transformation Director, and Operational Excellence Director at Wärtsilä.

Good Life Engine is an Aalto Ventures Program course that helps you develop habits and routines for a better life. The monthly workshops are open to all and free to attend.

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