Generating inclusive transdisciplinary knowledge(s) at the threshold of arts, science & society: Critical perspectives by researchers and practitioners

Color of Science is a university-wide initiative engaging critical perspectives from scientists of color and the indigenous.
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This Color of Science event will also be streamed online and it is part of the UWAS symposium In Search of Radical Education/Knowledges.

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Transdisciplinary approaches have created alternative avenues for generating knowledge(s) that might be better positioned to conduct socially-engaged inquiry and co-production. Nevertheless, much work needs to be done to understand how participatory and inclusive research processes and transformative aspirations can be aligned in practice to engender societal transformations.

Which transdisciplinary knowledge(s) and research are we generating, for and by whom? 

Panelists will share diverse perspectives and practices through concrete projects engaging alternative knowledge production and we will  discuss and learn how we can critically move forward together.

The panel will be followed by a reception with refreshments for all attendees.


Sumita Sharma: Sumita is a post-doc researcher at the INTERACT Research Unit, University of Oulu, Finland. Her research focuses on digital and social inclusion of children through technology design, use, access, and up-skilling, working with neurotypical children in schools, children living in urban slums, children with special needs, and children in remote communities. She is interested in studying how to overcome socio-cultural barriers towards empowerment of children and designing ethical and fair technologies and technologies of the future for and by children. Her research interests also include accessibility, ethical AI, design futuring, and HCI4D.

Leonardo Custódio: Leonardo Custódio is an Afro-Brazilian post-doctoral researcher at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. In his research, activism and teaching, Custódio analyses and promotes uses of media and communication by people who suffer from social inequalities. He is the author of "Favela media activism: Counterpublics for human rights in Brazil" (2017, Lexington Books). He also coordinates the Anti-Racism Media Activist Alliance (ARMA Alliance), and the Activist Research Network.

Jaz Hee-jeong Choi: Jaz is the Director of the Care-full Design Lab and Vice-Chancellor’s Principal Research Fellow at RMIT Australia. Her transdisciplinary research and practice currently explore care-full design for liveable and equitable futures across three inter-related domains: self-care and mutual aid; creative and impactful research methods, and; co-creative urban transformation.

Andrea Botero, Andrea is a Colombian Academy of Finland Fellow at the school of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University in Finland and co-inspirator at the design studio Suo&Co. Her design and research work explore the possibilities and contradictions inherent in the design of environments, tools and media that afford more relational and caring interactions amongst, and between people and their environment.


Nitin Sawhney (co-host): Nitin Sawhney is a Professor of Practice in the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University and leads the CRAI-CIS (CRitical AI and Crisis Interrogatives) research group. Working at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), ethical AI, and participatory design research, he examines the critical role of technology, civic agency, and social justice in society and crisis contexts. He is the principal investigator for a 3-year Academy of Finland research project on Reconstructing Crisis Narratives for Trustworthy Communication and Cooperative Agency, jointly conducted with the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Caterina Soldano (co-host): Caterina is Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering at Aalto University. Her current research area focuses on organic light emitting materials and devices to be exploited for next-generation electronics for flexible and wearable applications. She holds a MSc degree in Physics from University of Bari (Italy) and a MSc/PhD in Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY, USA). Before joining Aalto University in 2019, Caterina has worked as a researcher in Italy, US and France, both in academic and R&D environments.

About Color of Science

Color of Science is a university-wide initiative engaging critical perspectives from scientists of color and the indigenous, co-organized by Talayeh Aledavood, Andrea Botero, Karin Fröhlich, Caterina Soldano and Nitin Sawhney. It is supported by the School of Science Diversity and Inclusivity fund.

This event is co-organized with the UWAS symposium In Search of Radical Education/Knowledges at Aalto University.



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Color of Science

Color of Science

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