Games Now! Tatu Laine, Futureplay "Idle Games Deep Dive"

Games Now! is an open lecture series on the dominant topics and emerging trends in games.
GamesNow Lecture Series

Idle Games Deep Dive

Tatu Laine

To the urprise of many, Idle games have become their own formidable genre after their birth as tongue-in-cheek browser games. After multiple adaptations they’ve found a new home on millions of smartphones in the recent years. What makes idle games such a good fit for mobile gaming? We go through key design components of idle games and focus on learnings and observations from multiple design challenges faced at Futureplay while shipping 4 idle game titles.

Tatu Laine is a student-engineer-entrepreneur turned designer who’s worked on games since 2011 starting from educational games and moved on to f2p mobile games. Long history of volunteering in Finnish Game Jam and IGDA Finland associations. Now kicking ass, taking names and creating games at Futureplay.

In Games Now! we dig deeper to what is current at the game scene – and what will happen in the near future. The topics and speaker invitations are curated in collaboration with Finland’s game industry leaders and companies. Our guest speakers are industry leaders and inspiring individuals providing their insights and advise for students and practitioners.

The lecture series is run by Aalto University’s Media Lab and is open for public.

The lecture series has been developed as part of the Aalto University’s A!OLE program.

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