Games Now! Lecture: Self-determination Theory and Games

Games Now! 2019 talks continue! Our first topic of the Autumn 2019 has been requested a lot by our audience and collaborating companies. If you do not yet know self-determination theory and how it relates to game psychology, this is your chance to learn more about it. The lecture is given by Aalto University's newest addition in game professors: Elisa Mekler!
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Psychological theories have become prominent in game design and games research. One prominent example is Self-Determination Theory, a macro-theory of human motivation, which promises a better understanding of player engagement. This talk introduces the key tenets of Self-Determination Theory, the ways in which it has impacted games research, as well as outlines open questions and avenues for future work.

Elisa Mekler is assistant professor at the Aalto University, Department of Computer Science. Drawing from her background in psychology, her work examines the motivational and emotional processes underlying User Experience, Games and Gamification. In particular, Mekler studies how interactive systems afford emotional, intrinsically motivating and meaningful experiences, as well as the challenges inherent to defining, designing and evaluating these concepts. Mekler’s publications have garnered several Best Paper and Honourable Mention awards at the leading human-computer interaction conferences CHI and CHI PLAY.

All Games Now! lectures are free of charge and open for anyone to participate. This lecture will also be streamed.

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