From Lab to Market vol. 3

Stories about science-based entrepreneurship!
Illustrative banner for the From Lab to Market event

How to create impact out of research? How to turn your research into action? Could I, should I, commercialize my research? Do I have to leave academia, can I ever return? What does science-based entrepreneurship or academic entrepreneurship mean?

These questions among many others related to the area of science to impact are being pondered by many researchers and academics.

Join us at the third From Lab to Market event to discover three different stories on how to create radical innovation from biomaterials shared by scientists turned entrepreneurs themselves: Mari Granström from Origin by Ocean, Juha Salmela from Spinnova and Juha Lipponen from Aalto University!

Exchange thoughts over a cup of coffee on how to create impact from research and network across disciplines and organizations.

The From Lab to Market event series is organized by Aalto Ventures ProgramVTT LaunchpadAalto Startup Center and Aalto Innovation Services, in collaboration with Helsinki Think Company

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