Friday-Sunday 10-12th May @ Makerspace, Learning Centre Games Now! Jam 2019

Games Now! game jam is organized by Aalto University Games Now! lecture
series. The jam is open for anyone interested to participate, but seats
are limited.

A game jam brings together creators from different disciplines: design,
art, code, audio etc. The sky is the limit as games can be so many
things! Game jams are great places to learn new skills and mix with
like-minded, game-loving creatives. You don't have to have a team, idea
or anything ready, as everything is formed at the site (bring your own
tools, such as your laptop, smart devices, recording tools or for
instance crayons - we supply post-it tags! and coffee). The jam is not
only for the students, so be brave and join the jam!

Check our professionals participating to the jam from here:


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