Fragile Water design exhibition at Helsinki Airport 31.1. - 31.12.2019

Iines Jakovlev: Hidden Lake Photo: Anne Kinnunen
Iines Jakovlev: Hidden Lake Photo: Anne Kinnunen

The exhibition Fragile Water brings attention to our use of water. Glass as a fragile material symbolises the fragility of the global freshwater resources. Fragile Water can be seen in Baggage Claim Hall 2B where passengers arriving from Asia, America and non-Schengen countries collect their baggage. The exhibition is open from 23 January 2019 until the end of year.

Themes and students:

1.    Hidden water in food (mentor: PhD Candidate Pekka Kinnunen)

  • Milla Vainio - From liquid to liquid
  • Chiao-wen Hsu - Eaten water
  • Mariana Solís Escalera - Encapsulated

2.    Where is the water? (mentor: PhD Candidate Hafsa Munia)

  • Henna Nuutinen - Unknown Water
  • Paul Flanders - Libation Vessels
  • Hanna Kutvonen - It’s not fair
  • Cassandra - Sharpening edges

3.    Endangered rivers (Mentor: Postdoctoral Researcher Kaisa Västilä)

  • Iines Jakovlev - Hidden Lake  
  • Niina Hyry - Sea Sick Sea
  • Tuuli Saarelainen – Frost
  • Jaea Chang - Glass Lake  

4.     Urban water (Mentor: PhD Candidate Ambika Khadka)

  • Aino Tuovinen - Convenience diffuser
  • Nina Sevä - Force of Water  
  • Christal Hedman - Flow

5. Circular Water (Mentor PhD Candidate Juho Kaljunen)

  • Tzuye Chen – Crackled
  • Kaisa Jäntti – Precious
  • Emile Bajard - Aware

Lecturer: Kirsti Taiviola

Exhibition design: Sushant Passi  

Graphic design: Lin Pei-Yu  

Project coordination: Enni Äijälä, Matti Kummu, Tiina Toivola, Outi Turpeinen, Gianluca Giabardo 

Fragile Water exhibition highlights vulnerability of water resources
Fragile Water exhibition Photo: Anne Kinnunen
Photo: Anne Kinnunen
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