Finnish DIC Day 2024

A forum for academic and industrial research and applications of digital image correlation.
An experiment at the Aalto Ice Tank with DIC measurement results from the experiment superimposed at the measurement location
An experiment at the Aalto Ice Tank with DIC measurement results from the experiment superimposed at the measurement location.

Welcome to the Finnish DIC Day 2024

This one-day event is organised on Tuesday, April 9th 2024, at the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University, to bring together active and prospective users and developers of digital image correlation methods and equipment, to present recent developments in the state of the art and advanced applications, share experiences with the technique and aspirations for using it more widely, and foster collaborations. The event brings together researchers, engineers, educators, life-wide learners, and technology providers, for a morning of technical presentations and an afternoon of laboratory visits and equipment demonstrations, with plenty of time for informal discussions and networking opportunities in between.

Preliminary programme: 

 9.00      welcome and technical presentation session 1

  • Mikko Kanerva (Tampere University): Combining DIC and FEA for composite materials, with examples at different length and time scales 
  • Hendrik Pulju (isi-sys): Thrills of microscopic DIC 
  • Thorsten Siebert (LaVision): High-Speed DIC at micro and macro scale 
  • Guilherme Soares (VTT): Simultaneous measurements of strain and temperature fields in mechanical testing, with DIC and infrared thermography 
  • Tomasz Rusin (Dantec Dynamics): Multicamera DIC: principles of operation and practical applications 

            coffee break offered by Correlated Solutions Europe

11.00    technical presentation session 2

  • Ville Björklund (Aalto University): High-throughput material characterisation with DIC 
  • Fabrice Pierron (MatchID, presenting remotely): DIC for Digital Twins, with examples in model validation and material identification 
  • Farid Vafadar Estiar (Aalto University): Investigation of large-scale glued laminated timber beams using DIC
  • Waqas Ahmad (Aalto University): Digital image correlation for ice research 
  • Markus Klein (Zeiss / GOM, presenting remotely): Optical 3D measurements beyond digital image correlation 
  • Sven Bossuyt (Aalto University): Optimized patterns for DIC 

12.45    lunch offered by Kimmy Photonics

13.30    lab tours and equipment demonstrations

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