Fashion Lab

On Monday September 13th and 20th, we will host a two-day online FASHION LAB event as part of the Aalto University DESIGNS FOR A COOLER PLANET 2021. Join the discussion on current relationships with fashion and alternative narratives👕👟
Poster. Design: Raffaela Carluccio

The fashion system causes and carries a number of complex issues, beyond sustainability matters. Yet, the market-driven discussion overshadows alternative narratives. Different narratives, as ideas, actions and perspectives, would contribute to change the way these issues are created and addressed. This project intends to expand the voice of the alternatives by inviting diverse actors--anyone who make, sell, buy, wear, and throw away clothes--to come up with new narratives of becoming and living with fashion.

This project is part of the EU funded project Creative Practices for Transformation Futures (CreaTures, WEBSITE). See:

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