Fantastic Lypsy stools – and their illusory making techniques

A furniture collection exhibiting the design, value and craft underlying the process and materials of the unique oak stools.
different designs of chairs
Photo: Josh Krute
different designs of chairs photographed in a studio with a purple background
Photo: Josh Krute

‘Fantastic Lypsy Stools’ is furniture series of 12 stools that have the same form, size and general material: oak. While similar to one another, the exhibition showcases the diversity of unique wooden characteristics by exploring furniture making processes and materiality. Under this theme, each stool is distinguished as a ‘one-off’ – toward its own surface quality, pattern, colour, or its structure and joinery. These qualities exemplify each stool as an oddity, yet a cohesive collection when side-by-side.

Unique, custom or handmade furniture may be considered ‘invisible’ from mass-production or industrial perspectives. Thereby, showcasing this series reminds us of the value behind the maker / craftsperson or technician and their expertise, skill sets, perspectives and influence on the development stages of products within industry – usually these are in the form of sketches, mockups or prototypes that contribute to finalizing a design for production. 

This series of whimsical stools remind visitors of the importance of craft / technical knowledge and ideation, which contributes to shaping sustainable design practices in industry for a cooler planet.


 Josh Krute

Josh Krute

Designer / Maker / Organizer
Instagram: josh_krute


Bioproduct Chemistry research group, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems, School of Chemical Engineering, Aalto University

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Eight Lypsy tools in snowy scenery

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