Energy Teaching meets Industry

A get-together for Aalto’s energy teachers and energy industry representatives.
Energy Teaching meets Industry

The purpose of this event is to discuss new ways of collaboration between education and industry in the energy sectors. Academia is keen to learn the needs of energy companies in regard to educated workforce. Another aspect is look into new ways of university / industry collaboration and how good practices and learnings could be spread further. We have also reserved time for working together to develop Aalto’s energy teaching. We end the event with lunch.


8:45  Morning coffee
9:00  Welcome
9:10  Company needs – pitch talks

  • Wärtsilä; Saara Kujala
  • Pöyry; Oliver Pearce
  • Ramboll; Ossi Kaihua

9:40  Aalto experiences

  • Sam Cross (Joint Master’s Program in Energy)
  • Miikka Lehtonen (Aalto School of Business; School of Arts, Design & Architecture)
  • Laura Sivula (Learning Challenge Aalto, Information Technology Program)
  • Virve Pekkarinen (Aalto School of Chemical Engineering, pedagogical specialist)

10:30  Facilitated discussion / workshop & wrap-up
11:30  Lunch

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