Embrace the Future – A Responsible Multispecies Leadership Agenda

Is it possible to apply multi-species and biodiversity-respecting approaches to the development of leadership and business practice? The answer is yes! These novel approaches to management studies enhance the holistic well-being of both human and non-human beings and are worthy of further exploration.
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How can we revolutionize the way leaders – and individuals – think about leadership in the era of the Anthropocene? In a world where sustainability and ethical business practices are increasingly critical, this seminar inspires a paradigm shift by integrating multispecies and biodiversity-respectful perspectives into the core of leadership and sustainable business practice. It aims to cultivate multi-disicplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration by integrating multispecies engagement, animal welfare, and leadership.

By bringing together scholars, students, and practitioners, the event delves into the transformative potential of multispecies and biodiversity-respectful approaches to leadership, business, and management. This event aims to challenge conventional notions of leadership, prompting a shift from a human-centered approach to more ethical and biodiversity-respectful ‘more-than-human’ perspectives.

The seminar is part of the Design for Cooler Planet event. A link is distributed to online participants after registration.

Speaker bios

Anna Hielm-Björkman.

Anna Hielm-Björkman is a Docent of Clinical Research in Companion Animals and leader of the DogRisk research group at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her group works in a multidisciplinary manner, as part of the Helsinki One Health as well as the Research Centre for Animal Welfare research communities. Their main target has been studying nutrition, disease, and environment related welfare aspects in pets’ lives. In the PAWWS project she combines their groundbreaking scent detection dog work with welfare both dogs and humans, easing the integration of dogs as social, physical, and mental co-workers in a more open-minded future society. 

José-Carlos García-Rosell.

José-Carlos García-Rosell is Professor of Business Ethics in the Department of Marketing, Management, and International Business, at Oulu Business School, University of Oulu, Finland. He also holds associate professorships in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Tourism at Tampere University, Finland, and the University of Maribor, Slovenia. His research interests are in CSR, human-animal relations in tourism, and responsible management education. His work has been published in journals including Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Management Learning, and Tourism Geographies.

Satu Teerikangas.

Satu Teerikangas is Professor and Unit Head, Management and Organization at Turku School of Economics as well as Honorary Professor at University College London. Her research centres on strategic change and change agency. She is editor of the Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency (2021). Her approach to scientific inquiry is collaborative and interdisciplinary. In 2022-2027, she is co-director of the Strategic Research Council funded research project BIODIFUL - Biodiversity respectful leadership, while also involved as one of the co-PIs in the Finnish Academy's Profilation 6 (2021-2026)-funded BIODIFORM consortium connecting Biodiversity & business in an interdisciplinary setting across University of Turku.

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Designs for a Cooler Planet

Visit Designs for a Cooler Planet festival in Otaniemi on 6 Sep – 3 Oct 2024 to challenge your perception of the possible.

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