EIT Urban Mobility kickoff

EIT Urban Mobility Info Event

Welcome to Aalto kickoff for EIT Urban Mobility! 


There will be coffee and something small to eat starting 8.30AM.  


Last December after a tough competition, Aalto was in the winning team for EIT Urban Mobility. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling and to create change with the possibilities that EIT Urban Mobility provides. Come to the kickoff to learn how EIT Urban Mobility works and to get a better sense of how you could work together with the Urban Mobility community. 


At the event, we will provide a brief on what EIT Urban Mobility is, how it works, and how you can participate.  Please, send email to Mikko Särelä [email protected] by February 13th so that we can have enough refreshments for everyone. 



EIT is European institute for innovation and technology and EIT Urban Mobility is an EIT community concentrating on solving the problems of urban mobility. The leadership for this area has been awarded to our consortium for 7+7 years and EU funding for the first 7 years is 400 million euros. The Urban Mobility community works on entrepreneurial education, innovation, business creation, and transformation of urban space. The community consists of universities, research institutes, industry, and a city club, where the city club provides the urban space for experiments, policy change, and as a measure for success or failure. 


EIT Urban Mobility

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