EIT RawMaterials Proposal Days in Stockholm - 15 Jan 2019

An opportunity to meet EIT RawMaterials staff face to face and discuss your project proposal.
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Dear EIT RawMaterials Partner

Planning to submit a Successful Project Proposal to EIT RawMaterials: 


Register to Proposers Days!

  • Gain information about what to think about when writing a proposal
  • Get feedback about your proposal from EIT RawMaterials experts and staff

Stockholm | Brussels | Rome | Budapest/Berlin

  • Select the date/location that suits you best as soon as possible
  • Upload your draft by 16:00 on 10 January 


What are the Proposal Days?


The Proposal Days are held across the EIT RawMaterials community as optional networking & advisory meetings (non-CLC-specific events) with the primary focus on facilitating the development of project ideas across the community into proper strong proposals. The participants are individual proposers or initial partner consortia. The project ideas that are the focus for the Proposal Days have been framed briefly and/or have matured to a stage where they are about to enter a more advanced formulation and writing phase. However, proposals that have already entered this phase are also welcome.


Participation to the Proposal Day should allow partners to meet with a larger number of idea holders from other partners across the community and discuss their initial or matured project ideas with teams of EIT RM staff. These teams are composed of Senior Advisors (TO), Business Developers, Education Officers and CLC Managers across the different CLCs. The intention is that partners may benefit from input from the wide EIT RawMaterials community, and that opportunities may be identified for new partnerships across the different CLCs. 

Secondly, the Proposal Days provide the possibility and venue for the first physical meeting amongst partners from different CLCs (participation of at least two CLCs is mandatory for KAVA proposals).


The Proposal Days are arranged as yearly cross-community events and take place at various geographical travel-hubs and locations in Europe. At the community level, the Proposal Days will ensure that all partners have the opportunity to get an assessment of their project ideas, and will facilitate the initial development of ideas into proper proposals with input from partners across CLCs. The Proposal Days will also include a general introduction on how to develop and write a strong proposal. 


For more info contact:
Zoltan Javor
[email protected] 

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