DigiTwin Demo Day 2

Digitwin workshop 2019

Welcome to DigiTwin Demo Day 2, where we present research results from the project. 

In the DigiTwin project, we developed digital twin into a concrete concept that can be used to boost businesses. The project partners include Ideal PLM, Konecranes, RD Velho, Remion, Siemens and is led by Aalto University. The project is funded by Business Finland.  

In the presentations, you will hear about the research results, including the definition of a digital twin, how to build and compare digital twins, how to apply artificial intelligence to crane condition monitoring, and what are the challenges and possibilities for scaling up digital twins.  

Demos showcase different digital twin related applications. You will also have a chance to discuss more about digital twins at company stands. 

Demos and company stands include: (updated 22.10.2019) 

  • Smart mobility, Aalto University 

  • Digital twin of a rotor system, ARotor laboratory at Aalto University 

  • Sensor management system for data collection, Aalto University 

  • IDEAL PLM & Siemens Osakeyhtiö 

  • Crane usage analysis using Flow-based AI, Remion 

  • Konecranes 

  • RBS Design automation, Digital Twin solution, RD Velho 

  • Simulation model and virtual shadow of an overhead crane, Visual Components 

  • Physics-based Digital Twin, Mevea 

We invite demos also outside of the project partners. If you have a solutions or research on digital twins that you'd like to present, please indicate that in the registration form. 


Venue for presentations: Aalto University, Industrial Engineering Building (TUAS), seminar room TU2, Maarintie 8, 02150 Espoo 

9.00-9.30 Morning coffee & registration at the lobby of Maarintie 8

9.30-9.40 Opening speech 

9.40-11.00 DigiTwin  presentations 

  • DigiTwin project overview by Professor Kari Tammi, Aalto University 
  • What is a digital twin? by Juuso Autiosalo, DigiTwin Project Manager at Aalto University
  • DT Core – A modular building block for Digital Twin data processing by Miika Valtonen, Senior Solution Architect at Remion
  • Digital twin loop using RBS Design Automation by Lassi Sutela, CTO at RD Velho
  • Next steps of Aalto Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) and introduction to demos by Juuso Autiosalo, DigiTwin Project Manager at Aalto University 

11.00-14.00 Demo exhibition & lunch at Aalto Industrial Internet Campus, Puumiehenkuja 5 E

Some demos will have scheduled presentations. You can follow the schedule or go around the demos at your own pace. Demo timetable will be published 8.11.2019 

14.00-15.20 Digital twin  presentations continue  at TU2, Maarintie 8

  • Bring your Digital Twin to Life by Ville Pantsar, Director of Digital Processes at IDEAL PLM and Hannu Mäkinen, Business Area Manager, Engineering Simulations at IDEAL PLM 

  • Sensor management platform for Digital Twins by Riku Ala-Laurinaho, Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University 

  • Flow-based AI methods for hoist brake health monitoring by Miika Valtonen, Senior Solution Architect at Remion Oy and Valtteri Peltoranta, Senior Reliability Engineer at Konecranes 

  • Scalability of Digital Twins: Challenges and possibilities for efficient implementation by Matti Lehto, Program Manager of Lifecycle Process at Konecranes 

15.20-15.30 Closing words by Tatu Koljonen, Executive in Residence at Aalto University 

15.30-17.30 unofficial afterwork at Fat Lizard  restaurant 

Please register by 15 November: Registration link 

Contact: DigiTwin project manager Juuso Autiosalo

Visit the project website

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