Department of Computer Science: MSc Thesis Presentations

SECCLO students will present their MSc theses on Wednesday 19 June at 8:30-16:20 via Zoom.

SECCLO thesis presentations

Time: Wednesday, 19 June at 8:30-16:20 GMT+3
Venue: Zoom (Meeting ID: 673 0336 0198, Passcode: 142045)

19.Jun Name Topic of thesis Aalto Supervisor Exit university supervisor Advisor(s)
8:30 Saarela, Uuna Practical Zero-Knowledge within the European Digital Identity Framework: Practical Zero-Knowledge within the European Digital Identity Framework: Implementing Privacy-Preserving Identity Checks Chris Brzuska Peeter Laud, UT Ville Laitila
9:00 Kuriyama, Shuto On Lattice-based Succinct Arguments Russell W.F. Lai Helger Lipmaa, UT -
9:25 Zaheer, Jawad Tracing online sharing of documents with watermarking Tuomas Aura Nicola Dragoni, DTU -
9:50 Kostetska, Alina Enhancing Security Testing Automation within the IEC 62443 Series of Standards: A Case Study Lachlan Gunn Nicola Dragoni, DTU Jari Rasinen
10:15 Break        
10:25 Giersfeld, Philipp Joseph Layered Attestation Regime for Secure Enclaves Lachlan Gunn Aurélien FRANCILLON, EURECOM Sampo Sovio
10:50 Kumar, Vipul Security and Privacy in AI/ML for RAN applications Lachlan Gunn Sokratis Katsikas, NTNU Esa Metsala
11:15 Sadri Sinaki, Parsa Formal Verification of Security Properties of the Blinded Memory CPU Architecture Extensions Lachlan Gunn Christoph Matheja, DTU -
11:40 Ahmad, Zainab Multi-Platform Attestation Verification Lachlan Gunn Danilo Gligoroski, NTNU Jimmy Kjällman
12:05 Lunch break        
12:50 Yeleuov, Sanzhar Amplification attacks in Content Delivery Networks Tuomas Aura Danilo Gligoroski, NTNU Jose Luis Martin Navarro
13:15 Edussuriya, Chathurangi Real-Time Integration of Automated Security Scanning in Code Generation Arto Hellas Danilo Gligoroski, NTNU Kari-Pekka Liflander
13:40 Amadei, Andrea Improving performance and horizontal scalability in latency sensitive Java realtime system Arto Hellas Raja Appuswamy, EURECOM Markus Aalto
14:05 Arevalo Espinal, Wendy Yunuen Internet of Things (IoT) data access to eXtended Reality (XR) applications Arto Hellas Roberto Morabito, EURECOM Lorenzo Corneo
14:30 Break        
14:40 Singh, Nimer Amol Robosourcing Programming Exercises Arto Hellas Michail Giannakos, NTNU Juho Leinonen
15:05 Pasquarelli, Leonardo Evaluating the use of RAG for enhancing online courses Arto Hellas Viggo Kann, KTH Charles Koutcheme
15:30 Khan, Zainab Automating REST API calls using generative AI (fine-tuning approach) Arto Hellas Panos Papadimitratos, KTH Mukesh Thakur, Ahmed Hussain
15:55 Rosales Flores, Javier Alberto AI-based Detection Framework for Malicious Docker Containers in Cloud Environments Tuomas Aura Panos Papadimitratos, KTH Ahmed Hussain

Master's programme in Security and Cloud Computing

SECCLO is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) programme in information security and cloud computing offered by a consortium of six highly ranked technical universities in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, and France. During the two-year MSc studies, students will study at two of the consortium universities and graduate from both. The first year of the SECCLO curriculum is offered by Aalto University. The second year will be completed at one of the other consortium universities: KTH, NTNU, DTU, UT or EURECOM. The final project, Master’s thesis, is written under the joint supervision of both the first- and second-year university.

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