Department of Applied Physics Research Seminar: Prof. Karsten Wedel Jacobsen

Prof. Karsten Wedel Jacobsen (Technical University of Denmark) will give a research seminar "Machine learning-accelerated computational screening and structure determination".
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Karsten Wedel Jacobsen

Karsten Wedel Jacobsen is a Professor in Computational Atomic-scale Materials Design (CAMD) at the Technical University of Denmark (TDU Department of Physics).

Seminar abstract:

The global climate challenge makes the identification of new functional materials of key importance. The efficiency and scalability of light absorbers and catalysts need to be improved and computational aproaches can be expected to play an essential role in this. In the talk I shall present some computational screening studies of light absorbers for tandem devices. I shall give some background on probabilistic machine learning and discuss the potential for applying machine learning to the determination of material and molecular structure and to accelerate computational screening.

Host: Prof. Patrick Rinke

Coffee, tea and snacks served at 14.45.

Everybody interested warmly welcome to attend!

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