Defence of dissertation in the field of Signal Processing Technology, M.Sc. (Tech.) Yongzhe Li

Title of thesis is “Advances and New Opportunities in MIMO Radar Theoretical Analysis and Algorithms”

The multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar is a newly emerging technology in radar signal processing, for which many signal processing techniques have been explored during the past years and new techniques are continuing to appear. It out-performs conventional radars in many aspects and achieves multiple superiorities due to transmit waveform and/or beam diversities. Extra degrees of freedom that enable to develop flexible and efficient approaches to solving problems for different applications are introduced in MIMO radar, leading to the performance improve-ments such as better minimum detectable velocity of slow-moving targets, ad-vanced clutter and jammer suppression, superior resolution, additional benefits in radar-communication coexistence, etc.

The flexibilities of MIMO radar, however, are challenged by the need of developing advanced signal processing techniques, especially when harsh constraints are addi-tionally enforced. Moreover, the resulting problems in MIMO radar can grow to a large scale for the cases that require multi-dimensional processing.

This thesis addresses these important needs and provides with a comprehensive overview on relevant MIMO radar research. In particular, it addresses the following topics: i) the potential capability of the conventional and transmit beamspace-based (TB) MIMO radars on clutter and jammer suppression; ii) the theoretical analysis on the TB-based MIMO radar ambiguity function; iii) the developments of spatial and/or temporal signal processing algorithms; iv) the design of unimodular waveforms with good correlation properties, and v) the joint

Opponents: Professor Fulvio Gini, University of Pisa, Italy and Professor Christ D. Richmond, Arizona State University, USA

Supervisor:  Professor Sergey A. Vorobyov, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics.

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Contact information: Yongzhe Li, +358468962128, [email protected]

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