Defence of dissertation in the field of Network Economics, M. Sc. (Tech.) Alexandr Vesselkov

The title of thesis is “Evolution of mobile ecosystem for the Internet of things”

The Internet of things (IoT) will connect billions of devices, affecting virtually every industry. IoT will have an enormous economic impact on both adopting industries and ICT providers that enable IoT services. Particularly in the mobile ecosystem, IoT is viewed as a critical factor for future growth. However, to realize the IoT promise, the ecosystem stakeholders need to evolve their technologies and services to suit the requirements of new devices and customers.

To facilitate the evolution of the mobile ecosystem toward IoT, this dissertation analyzes potential changes that IoT can bring to the ecosystem service provisioning, collaboration, and competition. The dissertation takes the perspectives of two key ecosystem stakeholders – mobile network operators (MNOs) and platform providers (MPPs; e.g., Apple and Google).

In the IoT age, MNOs will serve an increasing number of “things” which, as the dissertation demonstrates, will generate very different traffic profiles, calling for industry or even use case-specific service optimization. Further, the analysis shows that new IoT embedded SIM technology can potentially disrupt MNOs’ position in the ecosystem.
In turn, MPPs in the IoT age will collaborate with new types of complementors in emerging around consumer IoT data sub-ecosystems. The dissertation identifies mechanisms that MPPs can use to govern such new collaborations. Moreover, the analysis shows that given a strong position in wearables and mobile health, MPPs can take a role of connecting the unregulated consumer and the regulated medical domain of the healthcare ecosystem thereby taking a central ecosystem position.

Opponent:  Associate Professor Jan Markendahl, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH),  Sweden

Custos: Professor Heikki Hämmäinen,  Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Communications and Networking.

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Contact information: Alexandr Vesselkov, +358 46 885 2993, [email protected]


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