Defence of dissertation in the field of mathematics, Matias Vestberg, MSc.

Mathematical aspects of doubly nonlinear diffusion

The public defense will be organized via remote technology. Link:

The title of the dissertation is "Doubly Nonlinear Parabolic Equations"

The subject of the thesis is doubly nonlinear diffusion equations. There is a special focus on a type of equations which can be used to describe flood phenomena as well as glacier dynamics. These equations can be viewed as generalizations of the classical heat equation. In the thesis the existence of solutions is demonstrated, and it is shown that solutions possess properties which make them physically relevant. In its general form, the equation contains a given function accounting for topographical effects. In this case there are no previous results regarding existence and properties of solutions.

Opponent: Professor Ugo Gianazza, Universitàdi Pavia, Italy.

Custos: Professor Juha Kinnunen, Aalto University School of Science, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis. 

Contact information: Matias Vestberg, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, [email protected]

Electronic dissertationThe dissertation is publicly displayed 10 days before the defence:

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