Defence of dissertation in the field of communications engineering, MSc Zhou Liang

More throughput with interference cancelation in 5G

Title of the dissertation is "Network Interference Cancelation for 5G"

5G wireless communication is based on cellular networks with aggressive reuse of radio resources. Radio transmissions on the same frequency resources may interfere with each other, which limits the spectral efficiency of communication networks. This dissertation has developed Radio Resource Management (RRM) algorithms that can improve the spectral efficiency by applying specific Interference Cancelation (IC) in 5G networks. The dissertation shows that the spectral efficiency of 5G network can be considerably improved in different scenarios.

In the scenario where Device-to-Device (D2D) communications are involved, a centralized optimization algorithm and distributed algorithms based on strategic games are developed and compared. The simulation results show that spectral efficiency can be considerably improved by adjusting users' transmission power, coding rate and IC configurations. In addition, a radio resource optimization method is proposed for the scenario where interference cancelation is applied in cellular downlink transmissions. The utility of the whole network is maximized by a radio resource optimization method that is distributed among the cells. The simulation results show significant improvements of the rate of cell-edge users.

Opponent: Professor Di Yuan, Uppsala University, Sweden

Custos: Professor Olav Tirkkonen, Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Communications and Networking

Contact information of the doctoral candidate: Liang Zhou, +358440822717, [email protected]

The public defense will be organized via remote technology (Zoom): Quick Guide:

The dissertation will be publicly displayed as an electronic version 10 days before the defence on the publication archive of Aalto University at dissertation

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