Defence in the field of Design: MA Julia Valle Noronha

MA Julia Valle Noronha will defend the dissertation Becoming with Clothes. Activating wearer-worn engagements through design on Monday 16 September 2019.

Opponent: PhD, prof. Otto von Busch, Parsons School of Design

Custos: Prof. Kirsi Niinimäki

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Becoming with Clothes explores paths to more active relationships between people and the things they wear. It offers reflections on a matter that touches us all: the ways humans and clothes interact. The work departs from the critical discussion on how fashion, as a field of knowledge and practice, has prioritised investigations on visual perception and cultural values. This priority marginalises other agencies that affect the fashion system and encourage unengaged relationships. To activate wearer-worn engagements, two iterative clothing design projects are developed and examined through lived experiences via a research through design approach. The results of the study speak of the potential of surprise and open-endedness as tools to render visible how wearer and worn mutually affect each other – or in other words, how they become with. This dissertation invites fashion designers, researchers and wearers to be open to clothing’s ability to act, and highlights the experience of wearing as a powerful space to be explored.

BSc in Social Communication and MA in Visual Arts, Julia Valle Noronha is a designer-researcher interested in rethinking how we relate to clothing and fashion with an aim for more responsible futures. In her doctoral research she explores the topic through design and philosophy. Her fields of interest in research and practice revolve around wearer-worn engagements, alternative modes of producing, consuming and experiencing clothing, as well as intersections between fashion, technology and arts.


The dissertation notice and the published dissertation are placed for public display at Väre (Otaniementie 14), close to the Info Desk, at least 10 days before the defence date.

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