Defence in the field of Art Education: M.P.S. Gian Luigi Biagini

The anartist and its intervention-machines cover

M.P.S. Gian Luigi Biagini will defend the dissertation The Anartist and its intervention-machines on Friday 7 June 2019.

Opponent: PhD Giovanbattista Tusa, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Custos: Prof. Mira Kallio-Tavin

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The Anartist is a spiritual avatar, a gnostic daimon inspired to Black Bloc’s anonymous individual anarchism. However, it does not coincide with this identity, it’s a viral re-modulation of it. The Anartist is a simulacrum whose creative/destructive production is inspired to the Riot’s “symbolic violence”. This radical symbolism, remodulated by the Anartist’s action, invests the Urban Space with an intervention which appears in the public sphere as an anomaly which folds the contradictions of that site-specific space, unfolding a disruptive and revelatory chaosmotic becoming outside the designed capitalist space-time.

The infection of the “symbolic violence” is necessary to create a Black Screen for an intervention in Urban Space. In this way the action of the Anartist cannot be subsumed and put to work in the Capitalist System as surplus-value of its Spectacle. If the Spectacle wishes to extract value from the Black Bloc aesthetic and its radical libido, it would inject in its code a virus that is more intense and seductive than the usual Spectacle. It would engender the reproduction of a counter-Spectacle, a counter-Virus...a sort of rising Black Sun inside the Capitalist medium: i.e. the Heteron of the Anartist(s) and its raising counter-mythology.

This anti-dissertation is a crossover which mixes western and eastern philosophy (ancient and contemporary), experimental literature, all outsider arts, alchemy, science, esotericism, politics, theatre of absurd, counter-design, anarchitecture, cinema, science, mathematics. The Anartist considers all the space as a flat ontology, a univocal surface-space dominated by power-relations to subvert. There are margins, centers and police in the organization of a literary text as much as in the actual urban space.This is why this uncompromising anti-dissertation can be considered also as a radical writing-intervention on the edge of the literary space of academy. Its masked objectile will interrupt the instituted process of knowledge production based on identity, to define new tools and a new anti-epistemological cartography in the schizo-field of artistic research.


The dissertation notice and the published dissertation are placed for public display at Väre (Otanimementie 14), at least 10 days before the defence date.

The anartist and its intervention-machines cover

The dissertation is available for purchase, and as a free PDF download from the Aalto ARTS Books online shop. The downloadable PDF will be made available online one day before the defense.

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