Data Management Plans: On-site workshop for early-career researchers, Oct 5, 2023

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are often required by research funders, and writing them is an important skill for researchers.
Title: DMPs: a workshop. Subtitle: ON-SITE. Pictures of Lucie Hradecka and Enrico Glerean.


Data Management Plans (DMPs) are often required by research funders and writing them has become an important skill for researchers. A DMP is also a useful tool that helps you plan your research data management, assess and avoid risks, and coordinate with your collaborators. In this in-person workshop we will go through some of the topics that are common to many DMP templates, such as:

  • Where your data should be stored, how it can be shared with collaborators during your project
  • Some steps that help you make your data FAIR (Findable-Accessible-Interoperable-Reusable)
  • Open access to research data, publishing in data repositories
  • Legal and ethical dimensions of your research data: protecting personal, sensitive, confidential data

You will be encouraged to consider the topics from the point of view of your own project or bring your own DMP if you have already started. Resources for getting further training and help will also be discussed.

Who can participate?

This event is mainly intended for Aalto researchers and doctoral students, but everyone who is interested in the topic and able to come to the Aalto University campus in Espoo can participate. Some of the examples (e.g. data storage solutions) covered in the session are mainly relevant to those working or studying at Aalto. There are no prerequisites, although this workshop is suitable as a follow-up to the Introduction to RDM webinar. Participants who want to prepare their questions in advance can study the previous recording of our DMP training (30-minute lecture, worksheet). The event is free of charge.

Learning outcomes

You will learn about the topics usually covered in DMPs and have practical tips for writing them. You will learn how DMPs can help you plan your research data management over the course of your project’s life cycle. You will also learn about additional resources to further aid you in planning your research data management in more detail.


A ​​​​​​​1.5 hour in-person workshop with a presentation of the DMP sections and discussion of each section. Participants will receive a worksheet including links to further resources – please bring a laptop.

Schedule and location

The workshop will be held in person at the Aalto University Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9, 113 Johanna room (1st floor) (display on a map) on October 5, at 12.15–1.45 PM Eastern European Time (EET). The room is publicly accessible, Aalto University access token not necessary. Workshop may be cancelled if we receive fewer than 3 registrations.


Lucie Hradecká, ([email protected]), Information Specialist, Research Services, Aalto University
Dr. Enrico Glerean, Staff Scientist & Data Agent, School of Science & Aalto Scientific Computing

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