CS Forum: Petter Holme "Advances in spreading phenomena on networks: Algorithms and insights"

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Time: Tuesday 5 Oct at 11:00-12:00
Place: Zoom (passcode 787302)

Advances in spreading phenomena on networks: Algorithms and insights

Petter Holme

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone knows about epidemic modeling. The surge of newcomers to the field has made it clear that network epidemiology — the branch of theoretical epidemiology modeling contact structures as networks — needs a solid foundation. I will cover the many subtleties in network-epidemiological modeling, especially when the networks are time-resolved: how to specify such models in detail and efficient algorithms for their simulation. Furthermore, I will discuss machine-learning approaches to evaluating classical network centralities as predictors for the epidemic importance of individuals. Finally, I will cover the use of computational algebra for epidemic modeling on small graphs.


Professor Jari Saramäki, Department of Computer Science

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