Combining commercial & academic approaches for modelling the energy transition

Using the AFRY BID3 model in academia: Case studies & outlook
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Energy Modelling Series | Seminar 5

Oliver Pearce | AFRY
Jussi Närhi | AFRY
James Cox | AFRY
Fabricio Oliviera | Aalto University

This event looks at the use of commercial energy models in academia, focusing on the AFRY BID3 power market model. The panellists will highlight key applications of the model in academic settings, and thus provide insights to researchers who may be interested to apply the model in their own work. Applications in academia could include the opportunity to test the impact of new innovative technologies on the energy system, investigate how power markets could evolve in the transition to net zero, or looking at technology trade-offs in different low carbon futures. 

This should be of strong interest to those interested in energy market modelling, using commercial energy market models in research, and the broader question of comparing commercial and academic energy market modelling.

Energy Modelling Seminar Series
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