CO-CARBON: Ossinlampi study site

Part of a collaborative project to study urban green infrastructures, the lawn at Ossinlampi on Aalto's campus is a research site measuring carbon dioxide exchange.
Ossinlampi site
Photo: Sofia Kangas

CO-CARBON is a collaborative research project between Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Häme University of Applied Sciences and the University of Copenhagen. 

Carbon smart urban green infrastructure

CO-CARBON focuses on developing new solutions for carbon-smart Urban Green Infrastructure, which can help the society to deal with climate and social pressures. The potential of urban green for the carbon sequestration and storage is not yet fully harnessed. Through co-creative processes, CO-CARBON creates science-based solutions to support carbon-smart urban green implementation.

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CO-CARBON's Ossinlampi site
Photo: Sofia Kangas

CO-CARBON on Aalto University's campus

The study site at Ossinlampi measures and compares carbon dioxide exchange from existing 30-years old lawn and newly built lawn. Lawns are widely used in public and private areas and therefore it is important to study their capacity of carbon sequestration and storage. The new lawn from spring 2021 is built by Hyvinkään Tieluiska according to the latest instructions for a multifunctional city grass area. The measurement site is maintained by Lassila&Tikanoja.  

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 Tiina Merikoski

Tiina Merikoski

Interaction coordinator, CO-CARBON
Kaksi henkilöä kuvan äärellä

Department of Built Environment

Water resources, spatial data, sustainable asset management and safe transportation.

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