Black is the New Green | Matchmaking Event in Belgium

Construction materials for the circular economy - Matchmaking Event
EIT Raw Materials Matchmaking event

The Matchmaking Event will be organised within the framework of the RECOVER innovation project supported by EIT RawMaterials. RECOVER project transforms metallurgical slags into porous and fire-resistant inorganic polymers exhibiting properties comparable to products in the market today.

The matchmaking event aims at:

  • demonstrating the technical maturity and robustness of the upscaling processes
  • demonstrating the performance of prototypes in fire-resistance, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation through a workshop that will be installed on-site
  • demonstrating the economic feasibility and the portfolio of end-products
  • identifying the needed steps to be taken in order to introduce these materials to the market
  • identifying opportunities for business ventures between the Metallurgical and the Construction and Building Materials Sector

Even though this event is free of charge, no-show will be charged 50 EUR.

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