Energy Modelling Series | Seminar 4
This series looks at the different aspects of modelling for energy systems, through technical modelling, analysis, and building of systems.
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Energy Modelling Series | Seminar 4

Jussi Suomi | Neste Renewables
MichalWojcieszyk | Aalto University

This event looks at biofuel modelling for transportation, in terms of use and production. Starting with a general overview from Neste, participants will gain insights into the production, demand and regulation of biofuels. On the production side, biofuels face the challenge of high production costs, with the demand predominantly created by obligations and incentives. Further complicating this is ensuring sourcing sustainability from a regulator perspective. These competing pressures create an interesting challenge to design appropriate modelling approaches for supply chain management.

Moving to the use of biofuels, modelling for combustion of biofuels will be considered. A strong linkage exists here back to regulation, given the challenges of using higher shares of biofuels within existing internal combustion engines.

This broad treatment of the biofuels field is intended to lead to a lively discussion on the topic from a range of perspectives.

This event is part of Aalto Energy Platform's monthly energy modelling seminar series.

How can energy modelling drive the sustainable energy transition?

How can we create models of future energy systems that can be used by policymakers, industry and societal stakeholders? How can we best design modelling exercises to steer the sustainable energy transition?

This series aims to look at the different aspects of modelling for energy systems, through technical modelling, analysis, and building of systems. The seminars will bring together guest speakers from industry with Aalto researchers to tackle these questions.  Each event in the series will treat a discrete field of modelling.

Energy Modelling Seminar Series
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