Big Data in Real-Life

How is data changing our world? Free event organised by HiDATA and University of Helsinki.

In the morning session Future Visions and business opportunities you will hear about Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with their impact on society through companies employing applications containing Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning technologies.

In the afternoon session Research and Applications in Science and Industry you will hear the latest news about data science and artificial intelligence, including the use of big data platforms and machine learning for industrial and scientific applications.

Future Visions and business opportunities

Opening Words
Kaarle Hämeri, Chancellor, University of Helsinki

Keynote Speeches and Panel Discussion
Pauli Aalto-Setälä, Group CEO, Aller Media Finland and Professor of Practice, University of Turku
Mikko Viitaila, NTO, Microsoft Finland
and other keynote speakers from the industry

Research and Applications in Science and Industry

Opening Words
Sasu Tarkoma, Professor, University of Helsinki

Big Data Platforms and their Applications
Keijo Heljanko, Professor, University of Helsinki

Extreme Classification for Ranking, Recommendations and Tagging 
Rohit Babbar, Assistant Professor, Aalto University

From Accurate and Reliable Navigation Data into Sustainable Smart Cities
Laura Ruotsalainen, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki

Bringing Humans into the Loop in Data Science
Kai Puolamäki, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki

Opportunities in Machine Learning for Healthcare
Pekka Marttinen, Assistant Professor, Aalto University

Questions and Summary
Sasu Tarkoma, Professor, University of Helsinki

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