Berlin-Brandenburg Capital Region Innovation Camp Potsdam

Experts on co-creation and innovation from the Baltic Sea Region gather to deepen dialogue between science and local community at the Potsdam-Golm Science Park.

Brandenburg Ministry of Justice and for Europe and Consumer Protection, Potsdam-Golm Science Park and Aalto University organize the Brandenburg Innovation Camp to work on building active dialogue, inclusive innovation and blending of local knowledge systems to create the necessary momentum for tackling societal challenges. The camp is a part of the innovation camp series of the Smart-Up BSR project led by Professor Taina Tukiainen of Aalto University.

The relationship between science and society has transformed greatly under the pressure of serious societal challenges. For example, the urgency to stop climate change calls for solutions, which fall beyond mere scientific and technologic factors, but rather depend on how well scientific reasoning and technological solutions are communicated, understood, accepted and enacted upon on a societal level. How is one to achieve such goals with institutional means on the regional level?

The Brandenburg Innovation Camp is aspiring to develop ideas on how science parks could promote interaction between businesses, civic society organizations and local community with the aim of addressing societal needs and promoting regional development.

On a higher level, the results of the camp will be utilised on the European-level helping to develop evidence-informed policy and decision-making.

More information about the Brandenburg Innovation Camp and the Smart-Up BSR project:

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