BatteryMonetizer - Electricity trader challenge

Come and hear about the design of an invisible intelligence, which will squeeze every euro cent out of large batteries and hydrogen storages, just like the warming world urgently needs.

Can you beat our optimizer? Anyone able to do so will receive a prize!
infographics explaining the complexity of the battery sight
It is a complex task to plan the use of energy assets and the buying and selling of power, or flexible capacity, on various markets – hour by hour, every day. Graphic: Irina Valeeva

Electricity generation must become renewable, so wind and solar are growing exponentially. Battery energy storages (BES) and green hydrogen (H2) production can balance the fluctuating ‘extra’ generation. It is also profitable to use BES, and to produce H2, in that context.

However, how can we use the BES and H2 assets intelligently? That is a complex, recurring problem because of hourly market price variations, hourly production and usually consumption variations, and non-linear characteristics of the BES. Our artificial intelligence and modelling solution manages this complexity, and produces optimized bidding and production plans daily. That is, how to buy and sell electricity regarding the site, and how to schedule the BES and/or H2 assets. This is done seamlessly over many different use cases and across multiple markets, for every hour of the next day.

This project contributes to solving both the climate crisis and the resource crisis. It can also have implications for energy security.

We continue the R&D of our solution, and investigate its commercialization, in an Aalto and Business Finland funded R2B project. Our aim is to commercialize beginning early 2024.

Event programme


  • Professor of Practice Jaakko Jääskeläinen (Aalto University, Energy Exemplar) the need for flexibility in the power system, with batteries as an example
  • Taneli Hölttä (Commercializer, ITiA (IT in Automation), Aalto University) will present the BatteryMonetizer project and how our solution serves in the energy transition

Electricity trader challenge

  • A chance to beat our optimizer! Bring your own laptop for easy participation.

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You can also attend our first event in Dipoli

infographics explaining the complexity of the battery sight

BatteryMonetizer - Electricity trader challenge

Hear about the design of an invisible intelligence and participate in a challenge!

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