Art and Design Academies Technical Service Workshop

Aalto University hosts the 3rd European Art and Design Academies Technical Service Workshop on April 4th and 5th, 2019
Aerial photo of Väre and A Bloc buildings / Photo by Aalto University, Mikko Raskinen
European Art and Design academies meet at Aalto University

Workshop PRESENTATION MATERIALS are now available
Complete Workshop Programme Available

Who should attend?

The upcoming ETHO workshop is aimed at professionals responsible for the infrastructures and facilities enabling hands on learning with emphasis on guidance and instruction.

  • Workshop and studio technicians
  • Workshop masters and instructors
  • Workshop and studio managers
  • Heads of technical service

What will be discussed?

The workshop consists of plenary sessions and two parallel tracks with distinctive focus areas. The topics will be covered through case studies, lectures and collaborative sessions.

track 1: The Changing Role of Workshop

  • Using technology to mitigate the challenges of multicultural learning communities in use of workshops and studios.
  • Shared use of facilities and infrastructure - working across disciplines.
  • Managing workplace safety during hands on learning in higher education.
  • Pedagogic models in workshop instruction

track 2: Management of Technical Service

  • Service Design in use for developing technical service for art and design.
  • User involvement in designing, planning and building new facilities for arts and design education.
  • Career development in technical services
  • Digitalization enabling technical services

Detailed workshop program available as PDF - see bottom of the page

Where will it take place?

Aalto University's campus in Espoo, Finland is the home of an innovative community where science and art meet technology and business. The overall vision of the parkland-style campus was that of Alvar Aalto, and its individual buildings were designed by Aalto and other celebrated Finnish architects such as Reima and Raili Pietilä and Heikki and Kaija Sirén. The workshop events take place in two buildings in the hearth of the campus.

  • The Workshop sessions are organised in the renovated Otaniemi library building was reopened in autumn 2016, as the modern, multipurpose Harald Herlin Learning Centre.
  • The School of Arts, Design and Architecture moved into a new Väre-building in the centre of the campus during the Summer of 2018. The programme will include tour of the Väre-building with emphasis on its workshops.

The Campus is located 10 km from the Helsinki city centre, and it can be easily reached by public transport also from elsewhere in Espoo and from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. More information on Otaniemi Campus and how to reach it.

Which hotel should I book?

There are plenty of hotels in Helsinki and Espoo. We recommend that you choose one that has convenient connections to the campus. Aalto University metro station is easily accessible from all metro stations, since there is only one metro-line. The following hotels are examples of those within close proximity to metro stations.

If you want to avoid the city center, Radisson Blu Hotel Espoo is located on campus, about 700 meter walk from the venue.

What is ETHO?

European Technical Heads Organisation is a network for leading European Art and Design Academies, aiming at those individuals responsible for developing technical areas for teaching, learning and research. The two previous ETHO workshops were hosted by Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and Glasgow school of art. The founding meeting of ETHO was hosted by Royal College of Art in 2016.

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