AQP Seminar: Non-equilibrium noise and anyons in the Quantum Hall effect

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminar (Zoom). Speaker: Prof. Thierry Martin (Director of Centre de Physique Théorique and Professor at Aix Marseille University)
AQP seminar only


The integer and fractional quantum Hall effect constitute novel states of matter in condensed matter systems in the presence of high magnetic fields, which were uncovered about 4 decades ago. In the context of quantum mesoscopic physics/nanophysics, the first attempts to describe theoretically and measure their transport properties were established in the mid-nineties, yet very exciting ongoing research continues to be performed in this field to this day.  I will attempt to describe, through a review of both theory and experiments, how current-current correlations - called noise - allows to uncover the manifestation of their elementary excitations - anyons - which bear both fractional charge and statistics. 

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