AQP Seminar: Noise characterization of the mesoscopic devices via superconducting qubit

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminar (Nanotalo). Speaker: Michael Perelshtein (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)

 Full Counting Statistic (FCS) is a powerful tool for noise characterization in complex systems. Specifically, statistics of transmitted charge can be exploit in the mesoscopic contacts characterization - in rapidly developing experiments on quantum information processing the charge noise is an urgent issue and needs a detailed analysis. However, fast and accurate measurement of FCS in such systems remains an experimentally challenging problem. At the same time coplanar superconducting quantum circuits comprising a transmon type artificial atom represents very simple but very fruitful simulator of light-matter interaction, therefore it can be used as a platform for noise metrology.

    We present a strategy for the non-invasivemeasurement of the Full Counting Statistics by a transmon artificial atom with a set of different couplings λ to the mesoscopic conductor. The scheme involves multiple readings of Ramsey sequences at the different coupling strengths that can be achieved by tuning the qubit energy. Moreover, the experimental implementation was analyzed and the device design was tested.

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