AQP Seminar: Majorana nanowire with unconventional superconductivity and RKKY interaction in Borophene

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminar (Nanotalo). Speaker: Ganesh Paul (Institute of Physics, India)

In the first part of the talk, I will discuss the transport signature of Majorana Zero Mode

in a quasi-one-dimensional ferromagnet-superconductor junction where the superconductor consists

of mixed singlet and triplet pairings. How two terminal differential conductance in this geometry

can exhibit possible spin-selective coupling of a pair of Majorana zero modes, which appear at the

ends of the superconducting nanowire, to the ferromagnetic lead will be discussed. In the second

part, I will show how RKKY exchange interaction can be a possible probe of the tilt parameter

associated with the anisotropic tilted Dirac cones in Borophene, a 2D allotrope of Boron.

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