AQP Seminar: Josephson effect in suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminar (Nanotalo). Speaker: Mr. Marco Will (Nano group, Aalto University)

Using carbon nanotubes (CNT) as mechanical resonators has the well-known advantage of utilizing the low mass leading ultimately to high measurement sensitivity and a large zero point motion. This large zero point motion could be used to investigate properties of superfluid 3He. CNT are grown suspended on MoRe. Measurements are conducted at low temperature to induce superconductivity of up to 45nA in the CNT. The CNT can act as Josephson junction and is driven at the same time with an AC and DC bias enabling the observation of Shapiro steps. We show first results of the interplay between Shapiro steps and the mechanical motion of the CNT.

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