AQP Seminar: Coupling acoustic resonators to transmon qubits

Aalto Quantum Physics Seminars (Zoom). Speaker: Alpo Välimaa (NEMS, Aalto University)


Piezoelectric resonators are electroacoustic harmonic oscillators that are integrable into electrical circuits. They are compact in size and are known to exhibit high quality factors - therefore being a strong candidate to accompany superconducting transmon qubits in a fault-tolerant quantum computer [1]. Offering a high spectral density of modes in a small mode volume and a feasible means of on-chip integration with promising scaling aspects, we consider high-overtone bulk acoustic resonators (HBARs) as the perfect candidate for prototyping quantum applications in a coupled hybrid system, such as a quantum random access memory (QRAM) [2,3]. With the recent development in epitaxially grown HBAR devices demonstrating phonon lifetimes up to 500 us [4], the challenges are turning from parameter optimization to implementational ones.

In this talk, I will cover circuit quantum acoustodynamics (cQAD) in the context of an HBAR coupled to a transmon qubit, discuss parameters design of an HBAR from a practical point of view and reveal some of the rich physics found in a multimodal HBAR-qubit hybrid system. The topics include the modelling of a multimode system under flux modulation and multiphonon transitions at increased drive amplitude. 


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