Anxiety be gone! Learn simple practices for including sustainability in your courses.

As the 2024-2026 curriculum cycle approaches, a valuable opportunity for course development presents itself. It's also a chance to respond to the growing desire among students to engage with sustainability and have a positive impact via their careers.​
Three teachers discussing how easy including sustainability into courses has been

Aalto teachers are warmly welcome to an interactive workshop focused on meaningfully integrating sustainability into your course. 

Facilitated by Aalto Co-Educators Håkan Mitts and Tuomo Eloranta, at this collaborative workshop you will:

  • Learn simple, yet effective, methods to integrate sustainability elements into your course structure.
  • Generate practical ideas for course development and engage in discussions with interested colleagues.

Let's step towards preparing our students for a world where sustainability is increasingly at the forefront of their fields. By enhancing your courses, you can ensure that your students are well-educated and well-equipped to meet the demands of future job markets. 

Register for the event via the button above and don't forget to mark your calendar! 

Time: Morning coffee served from 08:30 – Workshop runs from 09:00 -12:00

Can't make it to the workshop, but interested in a related pedagogical course?

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