ABC Seminar: MAGICS!

Mikko Sams, Antti Ruotoistenmäki, Veli-Matti Saarinen and Marcus Korhonen will present MAGICS and its role in Aalto University.
ABC seminar: MAGICS

Welcome to the ABC Seminar! This seminar series is open for everyone. The talk will take place in the Auditorium F239a in Otakaari 3. After the talk, coffee and pulla will be served.

The event will be also streamed via Zoom at:

Title: MAGICS!

Speakers: 1Marcus Korhonen, 1Antti Ruotoistenmäki, 2Veli-Matti Saarinen, 1,3Mikko Sams

1Aalto Studios, 2ANI Infrastructure, 3NBE Department

Abstract:  MAGICSis a joint infrastructure of Aalto University, University of Tampere and University of the Arts Helsinki. Core funding (M€ 3.4) was obtained from the Academy of Finland and the universities. Funding was purely for purchasing equipment, not for hiring research personnel. MAGICS accelerates research in the virtualization of humans and their surroundings, specifically applied to immersive and naturalistic remote presence. In addition to research, MAGICS’ unique research platform utilizes and develops latest digital technologies in innovative ways to create artistic performances, lifelike games and remote-presence solutions and measure human experiences and behavior in naturalistic conditions.

MAGICS Aalto is part of the Aalto Studios infrastructure, its “science section”. The devices purchased by MAGICS funding are locating in Aalto Behavioral Laboratory (Aalto NeuroImaging) and can be booked via Aalto Takeout. New equipment are obtained on request of the Aalto researchers, pending on the financial situation. MAGICS Infrastructure widens the set of available instrumentation significantly.

In this talk, we tell you more of the MAGICS and its role in Aalto, and discuss with the participants how we can help the researchers in the best possible ways.

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