ÄÄNIAALTO presented at Kontula Electronic 2019 festival

Electronic music will fill the open-air shopping centre of the Kontula district 17.5.-19.5.2019. The artists include various students and Alumni from Aalto University.

Electronic music will fill the open-air shopping centre of the Kontula district 17.5.-19.5.2019. Over the course of the weekend, Kontula Electronic 2019 will offer a diverse and non-compromising selection of both international and Finnish electronic music artists and groups, a multifaceted selection of performances and media art as well as samples of the great food available in Kontula.

Kontula is a suburb located in the Eastern part of the city of Helsinki and it is famous for the rich diversity of its population. This year one of the issues at hand is the destiny of the shopping mall area which facilitates multifunctional meaning for the inhabitants of the area and beyond. At the mall you can find various interesting cultural collectives, phenomena and layers of the urban city scape. 

Kontula Electronic as a festival is tributing all of the mentioned above.

Aalto University is connected to Kontula Electronic in two different ways. On one hand there are various performances from students and alumni from Aalto Media Lab, and on the other hand there are two installations by Aalto Media Lab students from the course "Interactive art".

This collaboration is currently being run by DADA ry Aalto Media Lab student association.

ÄÄNIAALTO stage at Bar Fiesta 17.5.2019 20:00-00:00

ÄÄNIAALTO proudly collaborates with Kontula Electronic to bring some of its audiovisual oddities to Kontula’s surroundings. ÄÄNIAALTO presents performances with DIY instruments, A/V generative systems and modular synthesisers by Aalto Media Lab’s artists. The stage will open with Ketonen's (Olli Ketonen, FI) glitchy drum and bass beats and will move to a mixed combination of avant-garde and ambient analogue sequences by Oblique (Sorya Sen, IN). The surreal atmosphere will continue with Foldplop's (Miranda Kastemaa, FI) escapist downtempo and anxious transgender noise, complemented by psychedelic algorithmic visuals. 

After Foldplop, ALOES ( Marloes van Son and Alex van Giersbergen, NL) will introduce their compositions of atmospheric soundscapes, melodic elements, voice, landscape and particle-based visuals made with custom software and self-built instruments. The night will arrive with the dark music and light jokes of M (M Wingren, US). At the end of the night, Autotel (Joaquin Aldunate, CL) will provide an organic and rhythmic combination of house and techno made with self-built compositional systems. These performances will be intertwined by the eclectic mix of Exotropical Ataraxia.


Arya So & Krrnk at Kontula Swimming hall 18.5.2019 14:00-16:00

Arya So (Liisi Arya Soroush, FI) & Krrnk (J. Camilo Sanchez Carranco, SP) will present Simmari, an interactive and immersive sonic experience for Kontula Swimming hall. This imaginary soundscape is blended with Kontula neighbours' interviews and stories weaving intimate real-time composition of familiar soundscapes and memories. The realm of field recordings identifying area will include sounds from Malmi airport, the forest, the skating hall and the shopping mall itself. Simmari allows the bodies of the swimmers, waves and echoes of the swimming hall drive the performance unfolding into a spatial and embodied ambience.


Tytti Arola at Lasikoppi 18.5.2019 16:30-17:00

Tytti Arola (FI) is a Finnish sound artist, who works with experimental electronic music and classical contemporary music. Lately, Arola has been intrigued by performance art and instrument building. In Kontula Electronic Arola goes to a glass box and sees how the world looks from the rooftop of Kontula mall.


AHVA at Bar London 18.5.2019 21:00

Ahva (Tuomas Ahva, FI) plays psychedelic electronic music. Live set moves between melodies, rhythms, and experimental soundscapes. Ahva’s music sounds as if the raw material were found from the wasteland of electronica: those partly ugly and harsh sounds from a beautiful and solid whole. In the live set, Ahva proves that electronic music can be also organic and human. The gig in Kontula Electronic will also be a release party for Ahva’s new single ‘Responder’. 



Antton Nuotio (FI) - Metallurgy (2019) at Skeittihalli 17.-19.5.2019

An audio installation studying metal sheet’s resonance and physicality of feedback. Made of steel, brass, contact microphone, surface transducer, amplifier and mixer.


Caleb Rugg & Bryant Hoban (US) - Global Warning (2018-2019) at Bar Fiesta 17.-19.5.2019

Global Warning is a multiplayer tabletop arcade game that utilizes LED lights and wood instead of a standard screen. The gameplay is "Pong with a twist" as players must work together to reflect projectiles of solar energy that threaten to destroy the earth.

Most of the program will be for free.

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