Aalto Wellbeing Week - Online writing workshop for doctoral students with John Weston on 6 Oct 2020

Aalto Doctoral students are welcome to attend an online writing workshop by John Weston from the Aalto Language Centre. Working together online, this virtual workshop will allow you to effectively develop your writing in an authentic, nourishing and uplifting space. Move your English writing forward by brushing up on aspects of grammar and style, and by making progress with your latest chapter, conference abstract, personal statement, research summary... whatever you need.
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Would you like to work on your academic English and improve the clarity, style, and flow of your text? Are you looking for tools to make your writing process less stressful and isolating?

Join us for the Online Writing Workshop with John Weston during Aalto Wellbeing Week!

At the workshop, we will go through the most common "issues" that students are facing while writing in English, look at text examples and refresh our understanding of the rules of academic English. Working together online can feel good! It can be authentic, nourishing, and uplifting – and it’s also a really effective way of developing your writing. 

At the workshop, you will:

  • refresh/learn key aspects of academic writing in English; 
  • get feedback on questions and short text samples;
  • improve your own text and learn now to structure a complex writing project.

How to prepare 

To take part in the online writing workshop, you will need:

  • a desktop device / laptop / tablet on which you can comfortably write and with Zoom installed;
  • something to write about – this could be your doctoral research at whatever stage; a conference abstract or research proposal; an artist’s statement or personal biography; or something else.

This workshop is intended as a single continuous event, although students can drop in and out for different sessions if necessary – please see the schedule. This session works as a standalone event and is suitable for all Aalto doctoral students.

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Workshop tutor and host John Weston

John is a University Teacher of English at the Aalto Language Centre. John has a Ph.D. in the sociolinguistics of academic discourse, and he continues to research the use of English across the arts, humanities, and sciences. John is also qualified as a physics teacher in the UK and is interested in the popularization of science. In addition to coaching technical and artistic students in academic writing at Aalto, John is currently developing new online teaching methods, and researching the use of creative writing and speaking for academic purposes. He produces interview podcasts for the New Books Network and is currently developing a new series about life and work in academia.

Twitter: @johnwphd

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