Aalto University 3.0 – Let’s discuss education, sustainability and infrastructures

The Aalto community is welcome to continue our strategy work on 27 March at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre!
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All Aalto community members are very welcome to continue our strategy work on 27 March at the Learning Centre. We will dig deeper into the themes of education, sustainability and infrastructures, which are,among others,the core themes the participants of the Strategy kick-off event found of biggest importance. 

Vice Presidents Petri Suomala (education) and Ossi Naukkarinen (sustainability) and Professor Jukka Seppälä (infrastructures) will lead us to the subject. After their introductions you will have the possibility to discuss and give your answers.

You can also share your views here on the website by clicking the them link :

Education: How do we offer competitive degree education and continuous learning?

Sustainability: Sustainable Development Goals

Infrastructures: Research infrastructure strategy issues

You are warmly welcome! Coffee and snacks served. 

Please register to the event here

Time: Wed 27 March, from 12.30 to 14.30 
Venue: Harald Herlin Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9 

See the community feedback from the kick-off (Strategy kickoff analysis, pdf) by logging in

See the video on the strategy kick-off event in January.

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