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Aalto Sustainability Talks seminar series discusses topical research on critical sustainability challenges and their solutions. The series aims to make Aalto’s sustainability research easily accessible and spur discussion with stakeholders.
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The purpose of Aalto University is to provide solutions to global sustainability challenges. They are complex, systemic, multidimensional, and often feasible real-world solutions require input from several fields of research. At Aalto University, this is done via top notch research conducted at the six schools of the University, which range from arts to business, from technology to design.

Aalto Sustainability Talks is a seminar series presenting this research and making its contribution to solving sustainability challenges tangible through linking it to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which Finland is committed to since 2016 and Aalto since 2018. The series brings together scholars from different fields of research and partners beyond academia for increasing our understanding of the pressing challenges, and their solutions. By drawing multidisciplinary connections, it aims to bring together different knowledge sets, foster creative thinking and critical discussion. 

Every session of the series includes an introduction to the challenge and its systemic nature, the current state and recent trends in regard to solving it. Followed by two research presentations the scholars and the audience are invited to discuss the challenge and our joint efforts to tackle it. Every session allows ample time for discussion, questions and informal talks.

All Aalto Sustainability Talks events are open to all and free of charge. The seminar series is organised by Aalto Sustainability team.

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