Aalto Health Eat & Meet event on Wednesday 24 April 2019

We are again bringing top-tier experts to talk, now in collaboration with Aalto’s Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Management and Architecture (HEMA). The speakers will discuss a subject highly topical on that day, at a time when the candidate as the new prime minister has likely announced the parties of the sought governmental coalition:

Prof. Paul Lillrank: "On the ruins of the national social and healthcare system reform: A patient-centric solution as the Phoenix bird"
HEMA, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (DIEM), Aalto University

Prof. Emer. Martti Kekomäki: "Future of the national social and healthcare system after the Parliamentary elections"
Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki


The following Aalto Health Eat & Meet luncheon: Wednesday 15 May at 12:00. The place in Otaniemi is sometimes different. Please email Ilkka Hyytiäinen ([email protected]) to get onto the email list where we announce the events.

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