Aalto Fintech Seminar Series presents: The possibilities of AI and machine learning in financial industry

Risto Siilasmaa

Financial sector is facing new challenges and new opportunities stemming from digitalisation and new technologies, the rapidly changing global landscape with new Fintech start-ups and large tech companies, and new regulation. During Aalto Fintech seminar series, top Finnish experts give presentations related to the future of the financial sector and topics such as AI and machine learning, startups, open banking, regulation, and blockchain.

Aalto Fintech seminar series starts on Wednesday 18 September with two presentation on the possibilities of AI and machine learning in financial industry:

Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of Nokia Corporation, Chairman and Founder of F-Secure Corporation:
What every professional in financial services should know about machine learning

Kaj Hagros

Kaj Hagros, Managing Partner, Redstone Nordics:
Startup crystal ball: AI-driven venture capital?

While the first presentation provides a pragmatic introduction to machine learning, the second presentation introduces a tangible application of Investment decisions powered by machine learning.


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