A panel discussion: Coping with stress and harsh criticism in academia

Welcome to a panel discussion!

In the spirit of fostering open discussion about mental health in academia, the Aalto University School of Business is bringing together a panel of experts to explore the topics of stress and harsh criticism in academia. To what extent are these issues inherent in the profession? To what extent can they be minimized? What can be done to alleviate or mitigate their negative impact on mental wellbeing? And what are the ways in which student advisors and senior faculty can support doctoral students?

The panel will feature a diverse group of experts and School of Business faculty at various stages of academic careers:

Sami Itani, President of Adecco Group and Suomen Urheiluliitto – Finnish Athletics, will draw on his experience of dealing with the pressures in professional competitive sports. Aalto University Study Psychologist Merita Petäjä will bring insights from her role as Project Manager of Aalto University’s AllWell? Survey. Professor Juuso Välimäki will bring his perspective on giving constructive criticism. Professor Rebecca Piekkari will share insights from her experience advising numerous doctoral students and Ari Kuismin will present the doctoral student’s perspective on the topic. The panelists will first share their reflections on the topic, followed by a discussion and Q&A with the audience.

The panel will be chaired by assistant professor Alexei Gloukhovtsev. 

The panel will be held as a part of Aalto University’s graduate course on Qualitative Research: Principles and Practices.

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