#5 DesignTalks: The relevance of design for business

What is the value of design for business? Taija Turunen (Aalto University) and Harri Kiljander (Alpha Design Partners) will share their insights.
The relevance of design for business
Illustration: Sabina Friman

Watch the recording of the event below


  • 16:00 – Event starts
  • 16:05 – From Business Value of Design to Design Operations- Harri Kiljander - CEO and Founding partner at Alpha Design Partners.
  • 16:35 – Design as a Strategic Decision - Taija Turunen - Professor of Design Management at Aalto University.
  • 17:05 - Break
  • 17:15 – Harri + Taija - Discussion on design for business.

DesignTalks series consists of eight lectures during December 2021 – May 2022. Each event will have its own theme discussing the relevance of design in different contexts such as sustainable development, corporations, cities, business-to-business, research, accessibility, creative projects, and many more.

The series will complement and continue our introductory on-line course to design, Design Bits. The series of talks is open to everyone, but Aalto students can get one 1 ECTS study credit upon participating to all lectures and returning a learning diary. 

The lecture series is organized by the Design Inside initiative in collaboration with Radical Creativity. If you have any questions about this event, send a message to Paulo Dziobczenski - Designer in residence at Aalto University: [email protected]


Harri Kiljander
Harri Kiljander

Harri Kiljander, Founding partner and CEO. Alpha Design Partners

Harri co-founded the “unlike” design firm Alpha Design Partners during the new normal in 2020 and currently juggles the hats of a design strategist, CEO, and occasional product designer in the company. Prior to the design firm, Harri was the VP of design at the music learning company Yousician, UX and brand design director and corporate entrepreneur at F-Secure the cybersecurity firm, and built the MeeGo UX design team of 70 designers on three continents at Nokia. Harri holds a Dr.Tech. in Interactive Digital Media from Helsinki University of Technology and a number of Human-Computer Interaction patents. Harri believes design is so strategic that companies should not leave it for consultants, thus the mission of Alpha Design Partners is to help its clients to become better in doing and leading design, while Alpha is developing a new working culture for designers that combines the best of in-house, agency, and freelancer ways of working.

Alpha Design Partners 

Taija Turunen
Taija Turunen

Taija Turunen, Assistant Professor of Design Management. Aalto University

Taija is an assistant professor of Design Management at Aalto University, School of Business. Her research focuses on how organizations introduce something new to their portfolios, let it be new products or services, processes, ways of working, doing business (business models) or practices that deviate from what is common to that context. One stream of her research focuses on how these novelties impact on the organizational design, the second examines how change challenges the prevailing values, belief systems and norms that guide our everyday action. Taija has been also very active on sharing the knowledge gained from her studies to practitioners by developing variety of tools and methods to handle the given situations. Currently, she serves as a member of the board in manufacturing and service fields and is very passionate about learning and pedagogics.

Design Bits is Aalto's introductory online course to design for non-designers. Illustration: Paulo Dziobczenski

Design Bits online course for non-designers (external link)

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Radical creativity illustration: Anna Muchenikova

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