3rd Annual Brain Twitter Conference to take place on March 14th!

Brain Twitter Conference is a virtual, international conference on neuroscience. It is now organised for the third time, and it takes place in Twitter, at #brainTC, on 14th March 2019. The conference is a part of the global Brain Awareness Week.
Brain Twitter Conference 2019 #brainTC Neuroscience making an impact

Visit for more information about the conference, and to submit your abstract! Call for papers is open until 13th February. 

The keynote tweeters of the #brainTC represent the cutting edge of neuroscience. This year's keynotes include  Russ Poldrack , professor of psychology at Stanford, and the director of the Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience, and Jay van Bavel, associate professor of psychology at NYU, and director of the  Social Perception and Evaluation Lab. 

In addition to the 30-minute and 10-tweet keynotes, the programme consists of 15-minute presentations that will be selected based on peer review of abstracts. Anyone can follow the conference in Twitter, at #brainTC, on the 14th March. The conference will start early in the morning for Europeans, with Australian and Asian presenters, and go on for the whole day until final presenters from the west coast of North and South America have had their say.  

The conference is chaired by @RealBrainTC, and you should follow that account in Twitter to make sure you don't miss any updates, e.g. announcements of the rest of the keynotes! 

The conference theme is "Neuroscience making an impact", and it refers both to our understanding of the brain, and in the way we do science.

This novel conference format aims to promote open science, cut travel costs and the negative impact international travel can have not just to the environment, but also the researchers' families. Previous conferences have been very well received by the neuroscience community and the audience, that can see what goes on in scientific conferences that usually take place, not just behind closed doors, but behind prohibitively expensive paywalls. Anyone can post questions and comments to the presentation tweets and join in the conversation! 

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